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Picture of Truth?

I don't have a dog, but if I did and I walked around showing anyone who walked by a picture... they would think I am a crazy dog lady. So, I ask why is this ok for pictures of people's children?

Newborn babies are not cute. This is just the fact of it. I don't mean babies in general, take a breath and top thinking I am a heartless piece of stone. What I mean is in their first weeks of life, newborns look like squished squirrels freshly fallen from a tree. Please do not try and deny it. Once they grow into their skin a little the cuteness sets in some more. In the interim, what am I supposed to do when shown a picture of a friend's newborn. You can't say it is not cute. Then again, lying is against my nature. Going further what do you do when shown a sonogram photo. You can not act like you are gathering anything from the photo unless you are a ultrasound technician. All that is seen in a sonogram photo is a trapezoid which I can only assume to be the woman's stomach, filled in with black and white lines and possibly a distinguishable circle or oval.

So I ask, seriously, what do you say when confronted with these photos. Everyone seems to go with the standard.. “Wow, it has your eyes.” You can not claim this comment with the sonogram but, I suppose you could lie about it to a newborn .

I guess I will start whipping out cat photos and screen the lies that come in from my show and tell farce, using them for my own lies.  Know that I do not feel good about this.