What is the Secret to Sleep?

What is the Secret to Sleep?

Now that I have a newborn, I am finding that it is impossible to get any sleep. My daughter, who is three, has gotten in the bad habit of staying up until 2am so she can watch the “cartoons” that come on. I try my hardest to stay awake with her to prevent her from watching these rated R shows that target children, however, I usually end up passed out on the couch.

Once I am sleeping, she raids the refrigerator, trashes the house, and ends up asleep on the living room floor with her pillow pet and favorite blanket. This child has everything she could ever want in her bedroom. She has a TV, DVD player, radio, and an endless supply of toys. I even had my father make her a princess bed and bought her a matching comforter set.

My son is almost three months old and is sleeping pretty well at night, but he wakes up early. This means that if I stay up until 2am with my daughter I get maybe 4 ½ hours of sleep a night. This is not working for me.

She started this when her brother came home from the NICU, so I am thinking that she sees those few hours at night as just mommy and daughter time. I understand this, but I cannot keep it up. I have been trying to spend more quality time with her during the day when her daddy is at work, but her brother has to eat every three hours and requires a lot of attention in between feedings.

I have thought about waking her up early so that she will go to bed earlier or keeping her brother awake longer at night so he will sleep later. I have tried lying in her bed with her until she falls asleep, but I always fall asleep first. If you have any advice to help me through this phase of raising two children please share!