The Uniqueness of Beauty

The Uniqueness of Beauty

"Kids are great, just like pregnancy is amazing. BUT..."

People say pregnancy is beautiful thing. Yes, the fact that the human body can do that is amazing, but beautiful? I guess it begs the question: how do we define beauty? Merriam Webster has two definitions:
  1. Having qualities of beauty: exciting aesthetic pleasure.

  2. Generally pleasing.

Now, if we are working off of these definitions, I just really can't get on board with this use of the adjective. Without getting into details, “aesthetic pleasure?” If we are talking in the way that Georgia O'Keeffe depicted the female reproductive system, then sure. I, however, can not paint in the same artistic light that she did and so I can not get onboard with the images my mind comes up with as being beautiful. If I made this verbal to most people, I would get some weird looks, people would whisper... “what's wrong with her..” “she's just bitter she doesn't have her own children.” I can assure everyone, this is not the case.

Kids are great, just like pregnancy is amazing. BUT, I would like lines to be drawn. It is as if society has put an “anything goes” policy on pregnancy. If any random person asked someone to feel their stomach, charges could be pressed. If you decline such an offer to a pregnant woman, you are inconsiderate. You should, by societies standards, want to feel that abdomen. This is just confusing to me, there are nice abdomens out there deserving of a look too, but these thoughts are called “inappropriate.” What I see as beautiful is apparently not the general consensus.

My only conclusion is that it was either a man or a woman, who has never had a child, that deemed it beautiful and for whatever reason that description stuck. I have never had a child, but I would like to think of myself as enlightened enough to not describe anything that makes me vomit in the mornings, have irrational cravings and mood swings as beautiful. I call that a bad friday night.